Published On: June 3, 2024

4 thoughts on “Bad Morning in Bali by Shannon Azzato Stephens (’23-24)

  1. Very nice and very well done… thanks for the happy ending!

  2. Well done, Shannon. Love the story and the art! You did such a great job showing character action and loved the texture of the surroundings and background (plants, monkeys, stone walls, etc! !!! 👏👏👏👏 Can’t wait to see the next one! 😃

  3. Those little batards are totally aggressive and don’t GAF! The monkey temple is port incredible in its stonework and bridges and the persons providing info are very kind. Sunglasses or banana on your person while visiting not a good idea. I have a ton of pictures and video of those little aholes and I did but $100/lb bag of civowet selected and shit out coffee beans. After 2 cups of unimpressive tasting coffee I have the bag away. And I surfed Kuta with a friend from Australia who had surfed there since he was a kid and knew the spots and breaks, but while at that beach I withessed several different people throwing plastic
    Bags of garbage over their shoulder right on the beach right in the middle of the beach full of people and just didn’t give it any further thought or attention . Love your comic on this!

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