Published On: April 30, 2023

3 thoughts on “Mummies in May

  1. Mariah Burton Nelson

    Donna, these are so funny – right from the opening banner. Sometimes a tinge of sadness too. Mostly hilarious. I’m quite sure the ancient Egyptians would (or maybe do – who knows) appreciate that you’re keeping their art and traditions alive. So to speak.
    Also, those “pharoah pillows” – yeah, I’ve seen them in museums. “To preserve hairstyles” is the explanation I’ve seen most often – glad you’ve got it there too. Hard to imagine. But they’d have a hard time imagining Twitter. Different era.

    1. Thanks, Mariah. Maybe writing on a wall in a pyramid or tomb, or inside a coffin case is the same as twitter? I doubt twitter will last as long tho!

  2. Fantastic Donna! Gorgeous as well!

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